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Beauty is so much more than what we see in the mirror

It’s a combination of health, balance, identity, wellness, and mindfulness

LBB skin and wellness products provide South African clients with products that nurture the body and skin, providing skin protection and support from the outside and supplementation that help you to glow from within.
Our carefully curated range of skin and wellness products deliver natural, chemical free affordable solutions to clients who constantly live with the intense South African environmental conditions.
If you are looking for professional salon and wellness products that deliver results without costing the earth, then LBB is the range for you.


At LBB natural ingredients combined with the latest in scientific skin care and wellness break throughs provide a balanced approach to beauty and wellness. This means you can rest assured that the products you choose from LBB are kind to nature, naturally good for you and designed to give you optimal results.


As a well-established South African salon, LBB has curated a range of results driven products specifically designed to combat the extreme conditions in South Africa. From blistering sun to chilly dry conditions, to extraordinary levels of stress, South African skins and bodies require a South African specific skin and wellness solution.

The blend of wellness products that provide a glow from within and beauty products that nourish and infuse the skin with nutrients is the secret to our success.


Skin Care

The benefits of taking care of your skin from an early age can not be overstated. That being said, you are as young today as you will ever be, which means that starting a professional skin care regime now will have lasting benefits in years to come.

Wellness Supplements

Here at LBB we believe in providing clients with products that are efficient in terms of results and efficient in terms of lifestyle, which is why we are so excited to introduce our wellness Collagen supplement to the market.



  • LBB skinSTRONG products have changed the look of my skin. I no longer suffer with breakouts and my stubborn blackheads started clearing without leaving my face feeling dry and dehydrated.


    Happy Client
    LBB skinSTRONG products have been unbelievable, especially for someone with sensitive skin. The active ingredients have changed my skin and boosted my confidence. I no longer need to wear concealer every day and I love the consistency in my skin since I started using all the products.


    Happy Client
  • LBB skinSTRONG is refreshing, effective and smells amazing. It keeps my skin moisturised all day as well as protecting it from the sun. I noticed a big difference in my skin texture after using all the products in conjunction with each other. As a male who has never fussed much over my skin, I've seen the difference and recommend you give it a try.


    Happy Client
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